My Wedding Caterers Checklist

People have overcome the typical itinerary to make their wedding a special event of life. Now the weddings are planned to represent their relationship and personalities best. From wedding attire to avenues and menu to music everything is personalised to make it exceptional and enduring. Exquisite photographers are chosen to capture the emotions and candid moments of the day, as these moments got cherished for life. Altogether, wedding planning is not a cake walk it involves endless details and meeting deadlines to make the event a memorable one.
Your wedding day comes only once, and it can’t be replicated so relish your beautiful moments. Save your resources, intensity and the most important thing time for the day and invest in a wedding planner who will let you free from all your wedding responsibilities. A wedding planner is helping hands who systematically arrange and plan your wedding, reception and probably your honeymoon.

They start off by meeting you to understand the ceremonies and review the overall budget. The meeting aimed to sense the style, colour, vibe and taste of the bride and groom. And progress to date will be shared accordingly. Upon convincing, wedding planner present with the contract for their services, negotiations and amendments are always welcome.
While wedding planning, good amount of time is spent on deciding a menu that reflects your personalities and the way you regularly entertain. Whether you have a stand-up cocktail party, a formal sit-down dinner or great family-style table food, it is selected to amuse and encourage conversation with guests. A significant portion of wedding budget apportioned to food and drinks you offer on the occasion. So it is incredibly important to choose a right caterer for your wedding. But before entering into any contractual obligation, it is indispensable to understand about the services they are going to offer.
And it can better be assured by making a checklist of your expectations from the caterers. The first and foremost thing that your list includes are to check whether they are available on your wedding date or not followed by how many weddings they are catering on that day. You can also check for some other background information like their experience in catering services and how many weddings they cater every year, do they have health permit and liability insurance and whether they are licensed to serve alcohol.
Your checklist must have questions related to food and drink that they are going to serve. It is important to know the cuisines they specialise and how they are going to aid the guests with dietary restriction and allergies. Whether wine will be served with dinner, and if so for how long they serve it. Champagne toast after the ceremony included in meal package or you have to pay for it separately. And finally their payment plan and refund or cancellation policy. Your wedding planner can also suggest you a caterer.
When couples start looking for their wedding venue, too often they are fascinated with the beauty and charm of the place and enter a contractual obligation without even considering the practical aspects. While selection should base on your budget, the number of guests you have invited, geographical location, traffic around the venue and style of wedding. London has many romantic and illusory venues like The Royal Exchange, Wilton’s Music Hall and many others you love to plan your wedding events around.
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